Coding and Why It Is Necessary For the Marketing World

Coding is important to the industry. Marketers should learn how to program in order to develop a comfort with technology. Some reasons for this is because marketers are now flooded with an expanding array of marketing software so they need to stay competitive, there are a wide variety of technical professionals in the work force and learning more will help ease the communication among them, and building up your process design skills can also help the cohesiveness of marketing and programming. This also means that you can do some coding yourself without needing to ask others to do it for you.
To show you a little about what it is like to code, I am going to sign up for both Codecademy and Squarespace.

When I began on Codecademy this is how I started off:
And after two hours this is where I ended:

Here is a random e-commerce site that I tried to start on Squarespace (Katie’s Box) just to see how it works.

  1. Why do you think coding is a good skill for a beginning digital marketer?
    Coding is a good skill because it makes the communication with the technical side of marketing so much easier. You can understand what they are talking about of both on and behind the computer.
  2. What was the experience like using Codecademy?
    I like tutorial type things like following directions to make it to a certain goal. That was a fun experience but I have previous coding knowledge so it wasn’t that big of a deal.
  3. What are some of the positives and negatives you found using Squarespace?
    I am pretty satisfied with it. I think that there are some confusing parts to Squarespace but most of it is pretty user friendly and anyone with half a brain could get something started on a Squarespace template. I am not sure how secure it is but for something like your own business, it can be a good option.

Thanks for reading, now get your code on!!

Coding and Why It Is Necessary For the Marketing World