What can I do for you as your digital marketer

For this digital marketing class I have learned so much about digital marketing, my professor says I could start my own digital marketing firm. Now whether that is correct or not, I do know a lot more about marketing than most people.
As a digital marketer I know several ways to drive traffic to a website. I have basic knowledge of inbound marketing, optimization, content marketing, social media strategy, UI/UX and landing pages, email marketing, inbound sales, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC), Google AdWords, programmatic and native advertising, coding, and mobile marketing. I have read multiple blogs and read many articles that have helped me gain so much knowledge on the above subjects. I have a certificate in Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and Google AdWords.
I have written 15 blogs on the above subjects totaling 17,809 words, averaging about 1,187 words per blog.
The day that I talked about Search Engine Optimization I got the most traffic to my webpage. My blog was very new so I didn’t get many views but I had 8 views on May 10th. statsThere weren’t many statistics for the 15 blogs that I wrote but I had a total of 35 views and 19 visitors to my webpage. I know that if I continue to write blogs, more and more people are going to be able to read them, and that’s powerful.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my blogs! If you’ve been reading them, thank you!


What can I do for you as your digital marketer

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