First entry for Digital Marketing

My name is Katie Lomas

I am taking Digital Marketing because I love working with computers and writing blog posts. I am getting a content developer certificate and this course is one of the marketing courses that must be taken with it.
I am excited to get some certifications (analytics mostly), learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and blog posting.
I have a personal blog where I talk about things happening on TV and in my life doing theatre and I would really like to gain more knowledge on how to keep that going and be noticed more frequently.

In the article “Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century”
I thought that the three questions that they asked was knowledge I already had and it was pretty self explanatory.
For example:
Research Question 1: Do entry- and lower-level positions
in marketing require mostly technical skills
rather than conceptual knowledge?
Most of the time when you have a job that will pay less, ultimately you will be doing work that requires less conceptual knowledge because at these levels there is less of the need for that and more need to have the technical skills to finish the everyday work.
Research Question 2: Do middle- and upper-level jobs
in marketing require mostly conceptual knowledge
of marketing rather than technical skills?
When there are bosses and higher paid employees, this usually means that there are more meetings and business processes that need to be discussed that does not involve as much technical knowledge. However to get into a middle-upper level job one needs to have previous experience meaning that they most likely have had lower level jobs that included these particular technical skills.
Research Question 3: Do the skills required for marketing
positions differ in the five metropolitan areas
included in the sample?
This question is a little bit different to consider because living in one area of the world, you never clearly know what other cities are like. But for most of the skills required there was not a significant difference between the cities.
From this article I think it is important that they brought up which skills are needed for certain level jobs (entry, lower, middle, upper). The skills at each level are important to know because when we graduate and have to apply for certain jobs whether they are entry level or not, we need to have those specific skills that are asked for. Before I apply for a job I know to look at an article like this one or look up jobs similar to what I want to make sure I have all of the qualifications.
Websites like this one show what typical marketing qualifications are needed for the job you want:

In the “Forrester Interactive Marketing Forecast 2011 to 2016” article,
I loved seeing the data on how much of an increase there has been of money spent on marketing in social media from the last 5 years (2011-2016).
This data wasn’t too surprising because I know the use of social media has increased significantly than what it was in the past. The statistics for how much money is spent on ads compared to time spent on the media type was cool because most of the time that individuals spent on each media type was covered in the same amount of percent range for the amount of money spent on ads. This is important because companies know that consumers are paying attention to the media type as much as the ads that are being bought for that specific media type.By looking at the data (in Figure 3), the only problem I see is there is not enough advertisements happening on internet media types because there is a significant greater percentage amount of individuals spending time on the internet.
The part of the article that I found the most interesting was the effect that social media has on some companies. The article mentioned big advertisers spend more on building and overseeing social media assets but other companies don’t necessarily see the same benefit. I never really thought of the investment side of social media to companies before because it seemed so easy to me but this article let me understand a little bit more of what all goes into the upkeep of all things digital.

In the “State of Digital Marketing Talent” article,
it makes sense to me that there is a talent gap between what employers want and what employees are actually taught or what skills they have really gained. I have gone to school my whole life and there is no way that I could have been prepared for every circumstance in life. Sure I could have possibly been taught better than I was, but not every University is going to have the curriculum that every organization is looking for. Finding out who (what kind of person) the organization actually wants to hire is the hard part. The skills that they need are not always the skills that they are getting. Some employees lack in certain areas which can create that gap. It would be really difficult as a company to decide the skills they could do without.
From reading this article it seems like those who are being taught about marketing are not also taught about the digital side or vice versa. There is a gap between the two that is not being relayed in both directions. Marketing is such a big concept and it is important to know all that falls underneath the umbrella that is marketing. Just think about what companies could be if there was no talent gap and all employees had rounded skills on all aspects of marketing. These companies would be thriving even more than they already are. Fascinating!

From reading these three articles I can already tell that this class is going to teach me what I need to know about marketing digitally and understanding all the concepts and skills that will help me later when I am out in the real world with a job that requires these skills.

Thanks for reading,

First entry for Digital Marketing

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